How Arabian Garden Began

Jannah started Arabian Garden when she realised that the products she was using for her and her family's skin were non-halal and full of harmful chemicals. Her family in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa had never used commercial soap, instead relying upon traditional methods going back a thousand years, so Jannah set to work bringing back those ancient ways to make wonderful natural soap with no contaminants or modern chemicals. The benefits of using this soap are so great that the company's largest group of customers is now those with dry skin, eczema and other skin problems, as people realise that the cycle of detergents, medications, moisturisers is just a vicious circle that perpetuates those problems.

The company has grown from one woman working in her kitchen to a multi-national company based in London supplying unique natural halal soap to customers on five continents. All our ingredients are sourced from importers and suppliers within the European Union to ensure the highest compliance and safety standards - it might be more expensive than you're used to, but we work hard sourcing the best ingredients every day to make sure our soap is the best you can buy anywhere in the world.

Doesn't Soap Need Detergent?

No, detergent is a very cheap way of breaking down oil and dirt. It's used because it's cheap, not because it's good for you. It foams because another chemical, a foaming agent, has been added to make it look like the bubbles are doing something - all they're doing is damaging your skin by drying it out.

All our Arabian Garden products seek to mimic the action of the skin, and so you won't find detergent, foaming agents or animal tallow in our soap. Instead there are complementary oils such as Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil and Corn Oil. These cost around fifty times more (yes, fifty times) than using tallow, but you'll feel the difference. Coconut Oil has been used for thousands of years as an oil that is solid at room temperature, but as soon as it's on your skin it melts and hydrates the skin for days at a time. And when you use expensive oil such as (babusu oil, coconut oil, castor oil etc.) it foams naturally, so you don't need to add another chemical to cover up the fact you're using cheap ingredients.

Natural Halal Soap

Most soap contains alcohol in one form or another, as well as animal products that are usually undefined on the labelling (it might say 'stearic acid' which is cow or pig fat, or just tallow, which is the same). Rendered animal fat is a by-product of the slaughter process and from animals that have died naturally - there's no way to know. Commercial animal glycerine is added to the soap and this differs from vegetable glycerine in that it is made from from animal fat rather than vegetable fat.

Every ingredient in our soap is warranted halal. There are no slaughtered animal by-products, no alcohol or added animal glycerine, no colourings from animals, insects or other living creatures.

When we say 'Natural Halal Soap' - we mean it. .


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